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    Why Relocate to Southern California? | Fridays with Fred


    Relocation is never an easy task especially if you live in another state and are planning on relocating to Southern California.

    In this post will break down the exact things you need to do before relocating to Southern California so that you can have a smooth transition to the area.

    #1 – Identify Where You Want To Live

    This step is important because, Southern California has a wide variety of areas that you can live in

    You should take the time to research areas in Southern California like Irvine, Los Angeles or San Diego for example and learn more about the area before you decide to relocate there because, each area in Southern California is different and has unique features and amenities that are perfect for both individuals and families.

    #2 – Learn More about Area Schools & Safety

    Now that you’ve identified where you want to live in Southern California the next step is to identify the schools in the area and the safety of the neighborhood that you would like to relocate to. You can easily look up school and safety information online since there are a wide variety of websites that offer this information and there is a ton of feedback online from actual residents across Southern California who live and work in areas that you are considering as possible relocation destinations.

    #3 – Think About Your Commute to Work

    After you’ve learned more about the schools and area safety the next step is to think about your commute to work because, there’s no denying that you may have a longer commute to your job than what you currently do have right now so it’s best to choose the right location that’s also within reasonable driving distance to your job so that you won’t have to be in your vehicle driving for more than an hour to and from your work each day.

    #4 – Learn more about what’s nearby

    If the area that you are thinking about relocating to in Southern California has great schools, a high safety rating and is within a reasonable distance to your job, the next thing that you need to do you think about the amenities that are near the location that you are considering moving to.

    Amenities can be parks, recreation fields, brand-name stores, shops and restaurants because for example if the stores that you use on a regular basis or the things that you might to do are not within a

    convenient drive from your new home, this will of course affect your quality of life and make your time in Southern California less enjoyable than you imagined so it’s best to thoroughly research what the area has to offer before you actually move here.

    #5 – Contact Fred Sed Realty

    Last of all, but most important, take the time to contact Fred Sed Realty to learn more about home values and rental prices in the Southern California community that you are planning on relocating to before you actually move here because, we can save you the time, money, and hassle of moving to an area that has homes which are not in your budget right now or rentals that are unaffordable.

    It doesn’t matter if you plan on buying a home in Southern California or renting when you first move here, our job is to provide you with the best information and educate you so that when you are ready to make a buying decision you will have all of the information you need at your fingertips.

    Learn more about relocating to Southern California by contacting Fred Sed Realty today at (800) 921-9231 or connect with us online.

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