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    Why Is It So Hard To Find A Home in Orange County? ~ Fridays with Fred


    In the 2013 Orange County Real Estate market there are more frustrated consumers than ever before who are struggling with buying a home and one common question that a home buyer in this area has is this: “why is it so hard to find a home in Orange County?”; the answer to this question can be attributed to three factors:

    More Home Buyers On The Market

    One big difference in the 2013 Real Estate market compared to just two years ago is that there are more home buyers on the Real estate market now thanks to still historically low mortgage interest rates, more jobs and financing options like: HUD, FHA and VA loans. When you combine all of these factors this means that there is a lot of competition for a very small inventory of homes.

    Not Willing To Change Their Have’s And Have Not’s

    Another reason why home buyers in the 2013 Orange County Real Estate market are having a hard time buying a home is because many people have an ideal list of what they are looking for in a home and they aren’t willing to change their list, especially when they find a home that can be easily renovated. If a home buyer finds an Orange County home that can be renovated they should be able to look at that home, and see the potential for their dream home, instead of passing up an opportunity to create their dream home out of a home that needs a few renovations.

    Waiting Too Long To View A Home

    Last of all, many home buyers aren’t finding homes quickly is because they are waiting too long to view homes when they are listed on the market. If a home buyer sees that a home has been listed, and it’s a home that they would be interested in buying, they should not wait 24 hours or longer to view the home. Failing to act quickly can keep a you from being able to buy the home of their dreams.

    To learn more about the Orange County Real Estate market or to view homes for sale in this area contact us today by calling (949) 272-0125.

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