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    Why Does My Real Estate Agent Cost Me Nothing?

    If you’re planning on selling your home in Orange County you probably have been wondering how a Real Estate Agent can cost you nothing when they put so much time and effort into selling your home.

    In today’s post we will reveal how Realtor’s get paid, and why it’s better to use a Real Estate Agent especially if you’ve been planning on selling your own home yourself.

    How Real Estate Agents Get Paid  

    Your Realtor® will get paid commission from the sales price of your home. Once the commission is paid the listing agent will then split the commission with the buyer’s agent, and they will usually receive about 2.5%-3% commission from the sale of a home.

    There’s no denying that Realtor’s work hard for their money, and put their very best effort into selling homes for their clients, because, if their client’s homes don’t sell, they will not get paid.

    Why Not Sell Your Home Yourself?

    You may be thinking “I will just sell my home myself and save the money”.

    Although this idea does sound good on paper, the reality is that few homeowners in Orange County actually end up selling their own homes themselves, even though they might start out with the desire to do this. Recent data from the National Association of Realtors shows us that just 9% of U.S. homeowners decided to sell their own homes back in 2012. This includes homes sold by Real Estate professionals who sold their own home, so the numbers are even lower! Not only do homes typically not sell, but the time and effort have been spent in vain as well. Do you really want to risk that in addition to learning the intricacies of Real Estate law? You could represent yourself in court too, but do you really want to? Against an experienced legal team? Probably not! The same goes for Real Estate.

    You Will Net MORE When You Hire a Realtor

    With an experienced Real Estate agent selling your home you can expect to net MORE money from the sale of your home, versus selling it yourself, even after commissions are factored in.

    Here’s how a licensed Realtor® will net you more money:

    • Home price – Your agent will know exactly what to list your home at.
    • Home staging – Before your home is listed on the market your Real Estate Agent will professionally stage your home so it sells for the most money.
    • Negotiation – Instead of dealing with buyers agents yourself, and possibly losing money during this critical phase of the home sale, your Realtor ® will insure that your best interests are represented so you don’t lose money during negotiations.

    For more information on what it’s really like working with a Realtor, or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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