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    Are you planning on selling your Orange County home soon? If so, one of the most important things that you can do to sell your home quickly is taking the time to de-clutter before listing it. A clutter free home will help your home appear to be more spacious and enable the potential homebuyer to envision themselves living there.

    Have A De-Clutter Plan

    Before taking steps to de-clutter your home, you should sit down and take and inventory of all of the items in your home and ask yourself which items will you and your family need to use in the next 30 to 60 days and which items can be boxed up then put into storage. Essential items like kitchen appliances should be put into kitchen cabinets, or left on counter tops for staging, while items like movies, books, toys or excess electronic devices should be boxed up and stored away to be used in your new home.

    Removing Personal Touches

    Another important thing to do when removing clutter from your home is to remove personal touches like framed family photos, growth charts, artwork from your children or anything that will tie you to the home because, these personal touches are only things that will get in the way of a potential buyer seeing themselves living in your home and you want to remove these obstacles in advance so a home buyer can envision themselves putting their “stamp” on your home and living in it.

    De-Cluttering With Kids

    If you have kids it can be difficult at first explaining why you want to remove their favorite toys or things about your home that they love. The key to success with de-cluttering a home if you have kids is to get them involved in the process and asking them which toys they want to keep out, until you move into your next house, because if the process is fun, your children will look forward to moving into a new home and see the process as an adventure in their lives. To learn more simple steps about de-cluttering a home, or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125. [gravityform id=”1″ name=”Contact”]

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