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    Why Is My Home Not Getting Any Offers?

    At Fred Sed & Associates we will occasionally meet homeowners who have had their homes on the Orange County Real Estate market for weeks and even though they’ve had open houses, and countless showings, they’ve received no offers for their homes.

    In today’s post were going to cover the two most common reasons why homes don’t receive any offers and how this problem can be fixed immediately.

    It’s All About The Price

    Did you know that in most cases when a home is not receiving any offers it’s because, the home is over priced?

    That’s right! It doesn’t matter if the home is located in Orange County or another fast growing metro area, if it’s overpriced the home will stay on the market for longer than the homeowner expected.

    Buyers these days are not ignorant about price. With access to websites like Trulia and Zillow to find recent sales in the neighborhood, or their Realtor to run comps for them, it’s easy these days to find out the true market value of a home.

    The Home Is In Poor Condition

    The other most common factor that affects weather or not a home will be able to sell quickly or not is the condition of the home.

    Many people think that they can sell a home “as is” especially if it’s in an area like Orange County but the reality is that if a home is in poor condition it will stay on the market for longer than expected due to high competition. As a result, the homeowner may ultimately be faced with selling it for less than they expected because, the home was not really ready for sale.

    Need Help? Don’t Hesitate To Ask!

    If you’re planning on selling your Orange County home and want to make sure that it sells for what it’s worth contact Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125 to let our highly trained team of Realtor’sand experts make sure your home is ready for the Orange County Real Estate market.

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