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    Why 2016 Is the Perfect Time to Buy a Home

    20162016 is going to be another great year to buy a home in Southern California and across the United States.

    If you’ve been delaying buying a home because you’ve been waiting for the “right time” we will break down several reasons why 2016 is going to be the perfect time for you to buy the home of your dreams.

    Reason #1 – Low Mortgage Interest Rates

    In spite of demand from economists across the United States we can expect little to no increases in mortgage interest rates during 2016 because the Federal Reserve is eager to avoid destabilizing an already fragile US economy and keep buyers spending money.

    Reason #2 – A New US President Is Only One Year Away

    When a new President takes office in 2017 there may be a period of economic instability as the markets adapt to the economic policies of the new President, this is why it’s a smart idea to buy a home in Southern California now and avoid missing out on low mortgage interest rates and other tax breaks and economic conditions that are favorable to buyers.

    Reason #3 – Buying a Home Is MORE Affordable Than Renting

    Study the rental market in Southern California and you will see that buying a home is more affordable than renting especially when you factor in your opportunity to build equity in your home and enjoy tax breaks that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy as a renter.

    Reason #4 – It’s Easy to Get a Mortgage

    Last of all, but most important, you should buy a home in 2016 because it’s never been easier than right now to get a mortgage including HUD, FHA and stated income mortgage loans.

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