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    Who Pays Title & Escrow Fees During A Real Estate Transaction? – Fridays with Fred

    ORANGE COUNTY – One common question that we have been asked by clients over the years is “who pays title and escrow fees when buying or selling a home in Orange County?” and the answer to this question is both.

    Yes it’s true. Both the buyer and the seller in Orange County California will have their own title and escrow fees to pay during their Real Estate transaction but these fees are important and cover each party individually.

    Escrow Fees

    Regardless if you’re buying or selling a home in Orange County the very first thing you should do from day one is contact the escrow officer to find out the fees which you can expect to pay because, escrow fees are different for both buyers and sellers.

    The buyers will typically be given a closing cost worksheet or estimated HUD laying out all the closing costs.

    Some of the typical closing cost fees buyers can expect to pay include:

    • Homeowners insurance
    • Property taxes
    • Home inspection cost

    Title Costs

    When it comes to title costs there are two title policies which must be purchased during the process of buying a home:

    Owners title policy – This is typically paid by the seller when selling a home and it helps to insure the title of the home moving forward especially against the possibility of future liens against the property.

    An owner’s policy will also protect the seller if there are omissions or errors found in the deeds, mistakes were made in examining any records for the home, forgery or undisclosed heirs arrive with a claim on the home.

    Buyer’s title policy – This policy is required by the lender and will protect the lenders interest in the home but most important of all it protects the buyer including their loan and interest in the home as well.

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions about escrow fees or title fees which buyers and sellers have to pay contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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