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    When Does The Seller Move Out When I Buy A Home? | Fridays with Fred

    Another common Real Estate question that we’ve been asked at Fred Sed Realty over the years is “when will the seller move out after I buy the home?” and this is a great question to ask because you will be excited about moving into the home and taking possession of your investment after you purchase it.

    In today’s episode of Fridays with Fred we will answer this question so you will be better prepared once you buy a home for sale in Southern California.

    State of California Purchase Agreement

    Here in California the purchase agreement states that buyers can take possession of the home and get the keys by 6:00 pm on the day that the home closes escrow. This is built into the purchase agreement but it’s also subject to negotiation, and should be discussed, with both the buyer’s agent and seller’s agent if the seller is unable to move out right away once the sale of the home goes through.

    When escrow closes the seller is also required to provide the buyer with any codes, passwords for alarm systems, locks, and or mailbox keys for the home. If the home is located in a subdivision with a common interest the buyer may also be required to pay an additional fee to the Homeowners Association (“HOA”) for the purpose of accessing any HOA facility on the premises.

    Negotiation Can Pay Off Big Time

    Although you’re excited about purchasing a home in Southern California it’s important to remember that negotiation with a seller can pay off big time especially during a competitive Real Estate market.

    Take the time to learn more about the seller and understand their situation because if you are willing to rent the house back to the seller for 30 days, or longer, you will make your offer stand out from other buyers and help them to see you as someone other than just another buyer.

    Learn More

    To learn more about taking possession of a property in Southern California, or to view homes for sale, contact Fred Sed Realty today by calling us at (800) 921-9231 or connect with us online.

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