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    What’s The Difference Between Real Estate Agents And Real Estate Brokers?

    What’s the difference between an Orange County Realtor and an Orange County Real Estate Broker?

    Although some people might think that there isn’t a difference between the two, there are actually distinct differences that every home buyer or seller should know to protect themselves.

    Real Estate Agent

    Real Estate Agent is someone who must attain a Real Estate License to sell homes or properties in the state that they reside.

    When a homeowner works with a Real Estate Agent they will be working with someone who is licensed to give Real Estate related advice to educate consumers on the right homes, commercial properties or land that the consumer plans to buy or sell.

    The great thing about the Real Estate world in the Internet Age is that a buyer or seller can check out a Realtors license number on the internet and have 100% confidence that they are working with a licensed professional in their state.

    Real Estate Broker  

    When it comes to Real Estate Brokers it’s a different story; a Real Estate broker must have more knowledge to be a broker in their state including either having a four-year college degree or eight Real Estate courses from an accredited college in their state.

    If the aspiring broker doesn’t have a four-year college degree, the future Real Estate broker should have at least two years worth of experience as a Real Estate Agent and completed eight levels of Real Estate courses.

    When someone becomes a Real Estate Broker, they can then hire Real Estate Agents to sell under their business name / license but they are generally held to higher standards than Agents because they have more knowledge, training and experience.

    To learn more about the differences between Real Estate Agents versus Real Estate Brokers or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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