What to look for when choosing a Short Sale Realtor

    In today’s Orange County real estate market, more homeowners are considering short selling their homes than ever before due to
    a wide variety of consequences that are the result of the economic recession like: unemployment, job losses, high medical bills or
    extended deployment in the military. If you or someone that you love is considering short selling their home and is thinking about
    hiring an Orange County strategic short sale specialist, here is what you need to look in the realtor that you choose:


    The first thing look for when hiring a top Orange County Short Sale Realtor who specializes short sales is finding someone who has short sale
    experience and has closed at least 15 or more short sales. Thanks to the Internet, you can search for orange
    County realtors who specialize in short sales and read feedback from their happy customers online before you decide to call them.

    Once you find a short seller realtor, the next thing that you should look for is comfort, you should be comfortable and feel like you
    can talk to your realtor and ask them anything because, that comfort level will pay off during the short sale process and ensure that
    you are happy with their level of service and receive the offer on your home that it deserves.

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    Skill Level

    Before choosing an Orange County short sale realtor, you should ask the following questions:

    • Do they have experience with submitting multiple offers to banks?
    • Will they be handling the negotiation of the short sale?
    • How many lenders are involved in the short sale process?
    • What can you tell me about my lender?
    • What type of documentation do I need to acquire for my short sale to move forward?
    • How long will my short sale take?
    • Will my bank pay me to short sell my home?

    What Are Their Connections?

    Last of all, but most important every Orange County homeowner who is searching for a top Orange County realtor that specializes
    in short sales should always ask that real estate agent about their marketing connections and what their plan is to show their home.
    The key to success or failure with having a quick short sale is driving more prospective buyers to the home and, every Orange
    County real estate agent like Fred Sed  and our team, who specializes in short sales will have the skills to direct interested buyers to
    your home so you will be able to short sell it as quickly as possible and move on with your life.

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