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    What To Look For When Buying An Orange County Home – Part 2

    What To Look For When Buying An Orange County Home – Part 1

    There has never been a more perfect time than right now to buy a home in Orange County California (that’s not just rhetoric the numbers back it up too!). Thanks to historically low interest rates, every type of buyer from first time home buyers, real estate investors to home buyers who are interested in upgrading to a bigger Orange County home will be able to get into the homes of their dreams.

    In the second part of our three part series “What to look for when buying an Orange County home” where going to cover the important things that home buyers should look for inside an Orange County home.

    It’s All About The Kitchen, Baby

    Top Orange County Realtors know that the kitchen is the heart of any home and it’s something that can either help the home owner sell their home quickly or keep a home languishing on the market for longer than expected. What should a homebuyer be looking for in a kitchen? They should be looking for newer fixtures, finishes, materials, finishes and appliances because, buying a home with a kitchen that was recently upgraded means that the buyer won’t have to invest major money into that kitchen after they move in.

    Look Up Before Getting Excited

    Many home buyers will get excited that they’ve found the right home because everything looks great on their level until they take the time to look up and inspect the ceilings of the home. This step is important since looking up will help a prospective buyer to see things like water damage and also potential repairs to the ceiling that need to be made, due to structural damage.

    Take A Look Around Outside

    One thing that an Orange County Realtor should tell you is to take your time when inspecting a home and to also walk around outside and check for any problems. For example: you should check to see if a home has gutters or downspouts that need to be repaired or irrigation that needs to be fixed. It’s better to take your time, to fully inspect a home, so you will have a better idea of what repairs the homeowner must make before you consider submitting an offer on the home.

    To learn more about what to look for when buying an Orange County home, contact the Fred Sed & Associates team today at (949) 272-0125 for a free consultation.

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