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    What To Look For In A Listing Agent – Part 3

    The Three Questions That Some Realtors Don’t Want To Hear

    Almost everyone in Orange County who is currently searching for an Orange County home for sale knows the basics of what to look for in a top Orange County realtor like: honesty, integrity, experience and local market knowledge but one thing that many people don’t consider when looking for an Orange County realtor is the top three questions that most realtors won’t want to answer.

    Will you tell me about all offers?  

    Some Orange County realtors won’t tell the seller if there has been multiple offers on their Orange County home because, they feel that some buyers offers were too low, and the low offers would jeopardize their commission. Your Orange County realtor should be willing to inform you about all offers, even if the offer that you choose might be lower than they initially hoped for; if they are unwilling to go with the offer that you want, they are not a real buyers advocate.

    Do you know anything about zoning?

    In today’s real estate market, there are a few Orange County real estate agents who might be tempted to tell a prospective buyer that they can easily add onto a home or remove trees from a property in spite of zoning regulations and this problem has caused some Orange County home buyers thousands of dollars, and the headache of having to restore the home or property back to it’s former state because, they didn’t check with their local zoning commission first, before making changes to their home or property.

    Will you let me hire the home inspectors I want?

    In Orange County and across the country, one of the most common tactics that some “shady” realtors engage in is having their own team of home inspectors who will the realtors homes a “rubber stamp” of approval just to earn their business. This strategy almost always comes back to haunt the seller later on because, the seller wasn’t able to get an independent, 3rd party inspection of their home. The solution to this problem is for the seller to have the freedom to hire the home inspector that THEY want, not someone who the realtor recommends, because, this will help the seller to have confidence that they will be able to get an honest inspection of their home that won’t come back to bite them later on.

    To get started with finding the Orange County home or condo that you’ve been dreaming about, contact Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125.

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