What To Look For In A Listing Agent – Part 1

    Will Your Orange County Realtor Communicate With You?

    Thinking about buying an Orange County home? Even though you may have qualified for a mortgage, that’s only the first step in the home buying process, the second and most important step is hiring a qualified Orange County realtor to help you find the home of your dreams.

    Do They Communicate On Your Level?

    Thanks to the Internet age that we live in today, it’s not enough for the telephone to be the top method of communication anymore. Your realtor must be willing to communicate with you via your preferred method of communication (Example: Facebook, text, Twitter or email) if they aren’t willing to communicate on your level that’s a clear sign that they aren’t willing to offer the level of customer service that they need to win your business.

    If the realtor that you’re considering using isn’t familiar with the wide variety of communication methods that are available today, you should also take that as a sign that they aren’t tech savvy and able to understand the many methods available to them for listing homes for sale online.

    Are They An Honest Communicator?  

    Another aspect on this issue is honest communication, even though the Realtor that you’ve found may be tech savvy and able to communicate with you via Twitter or text message, will they be able to honestly and fully communicate with you in regards to the sometimes tough decisions that come with buying or selling a home.

    For example: you’re planning on selling your Orange County home and you’ve asked your realtor if they lke your shag carpet from the 1970’s? Will they have the honesty to tell you that the carpet has to go or will they claim to like it just to earn your business?

    Let’s say that you want to buy an Orange County home and you’ve asked the top Orange County realtor that you hired to show you all homes within a $400,000 price range instead of a $430,000 price range. Will the agent honestly communicate with you and show the homes to you that fall within your desired price range, even though they may be faced with a commission that’s up to $1,000 less?

    Real communication with you realtor can mean the difference between spending or saving thousands of dollars when buying or selling an Orange County home. To speak with an realtor who will communicate with you and listen to your needs, contact the team at Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125.

    What To Look For In A Listing Agent – Part 2

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