What pitfalls do I need to look out for when selling my home?

    So you’re planning on selling your home and are excited about listing it but, have you considered the “pitfalls” that could come when selling your home?

    In this article we will examine the most common pitfalls that come from selling a home and how you can prepare for them.

    Pitfall #1 – Buyer Submits A LOW Offer on Your Home  pitfalls

    The first common pitfall that sellers face occurs when a home buyer submits a lower offer on their home than they originally expected.

    Although receiving a low offer from a home buyer is something that happens every day in the Real Estate world you can ensure that this doesn’t happen to you by: de-cluttering, repairing and staging your home for sale so you can present the best possible version of your home to home buyers.

    Pitfall #2 – Home Inspection Finds That Your House Needs Serious Repairs

    Another thing that commonly happens in the Real Estate world is when a seller finds out that their home needs serious repairs and the most common result is that they end up accepting a significantly lower offer from the buyer.

    To avoid this happening to you should get your home inspected BEFORE listing it because this will enable you to learn more about hidden problems and defects with your home and give you enough time to fix those problems instead of learning about them later.

    Pitfall #3 – Your Home Has Received Less Interest Than You Expected

    Last of all, another common Real Estate pitfall occurs when the buyer receives less interest in their home from buyers than they originally expected they would especially after doing all of the hard work to get their home ready for sale.

    One of the best ways to avoid this happening to you is to ask a Realtor® about their marketing plan for your home before you hire them because this will give you a real idea if the Real Estate agent will the right individual to sell your home or not.

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