What Not To Do When Selling Your Home

    During the hot Orange County real estate market just about every top Orange County Realtor is ready to talk about the things that you should do to make your Orange County home more desirable to potential buyers. But what many Realtors in OC aren’t talking about is what you should avoid when selling your home.

    Don’t Let The Dogs Out

    The first thing that you shouldn’t do when selling your home is let your dogs run free. This step is important because, dogs don’t always have a positive effect on people and they can lead a potential home buyer to think that your home hasn’t been well maintained if they see dogs running free on your property.

    Watch Out For Smells

    One reality of life is that every home has a smell to it. Even if the homeowner doesn’t smoke, the home will still have it’s own odor. If you want to make sure that your home is odor free when people start showing up for open houses, clean your home from top to bottom and use odor abatement mixtures like vinegar mixed with water to get rid of any annoying odors. One trick for giving it a pleasant aroma when potential buyers are viewing it is to sprinkle a hint of vanilla on the stove and then turn it on low. This will give it a scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

    Keep Your Bathroom Clean

    The most important room of your house that you get ready before prospective home buyers show up is the bathrooms in your home. A clean bathroom is important because it gives off a positive first impression. This will help paint a positive first impression in a potential home buyers mind that a home has been well taken care of while a dirty bathroom will turn off potential buyers and cause them to leave the home and drive to the next one.

    Getting a bathroom ready for a homes open house is easy. All you have to do is 1. Get it clean. 2. Buy new bathroom rugs and toilet seat covers. 3. Buy a new shower curtain (if your old one is worn). 4. Buy new paint (if needed). A small $100 investment can mean the difference between the house selling quickly or not.

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