What Makes the SoCal Housing Market So Special?

    Southern CaliforniaOne of the biggest questions home buyers across the United States have as they view the rapid growth of the housing market here is: what makes the Southern California housing market so special?

    Here are some of the reasons why the SoCal housing market is special and why you should consider relocating here if you live elsewhere in the USA.

    #1 – Enjoy Better Health

    Thanks to year around great weather and endless miles of beaches, mountains and deserts it’s easy to stay in great health while living in Southern California because there’s always something to do compared to living in a part of the country where it might snow for 3 to 4 months out of the year and you have to stay inside during those months. (Where else can you enjoy a boat parade in December?)

    #2 – Lots of Creative Work

    From Los Angeles all the way down to San Diego there’s tons of creative jobs for you to get involved in, especially if you want to get your big break as a writer, director, designer or artist, Southern California is a great place for you to be.

    #3 – Many Delicious Restaurants to Choose From

    If you love food, Southern California should be the place you consider relocating to. Here you will find tons of great restaurants to choose from and here food isn’t just an essential part of life, it’s an art form to be savored and enjoyed.

    #4 – More Time for You

    Yes, some Southern Californians may spend more time in traffic than other parts of the country but they also have more time for themselves to listen to audio books or focus on self-improvement while they are commuting back and forth to work every day. Not to mention a large number of jobs allow you to work remotely from home so traffic may not be something you have to endure at all.

    #5 – Great Sense Of Community

    Another great benefit to choosing Southern California is that here you will also enjoy a strong sense of community. Many newer areas are created as master planned communities, meaning there are central shopping locations, traffic that flows smoothly, and new neighbors to enjoy and grow together with.

    #6 – Vitamin D Is Essential For Your Health

    Many studies have shown that regular Vitamin D is essential for your health and well-being. Thanks to year-round sun in Southern California you won’t have to worry about getting Vitamin D again because here we enjoy sunshine for over 300 days per year.

    #7 – Great Jobs in Southern California

    Almost every area in Southern California has rebounded from the recession over the last four years and there are many great jobs to choose from especially in the technology, science and construction industries. Not only has Southern California recovered, we have also led the way out through industries including Real Estate, technology, and education.

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