What Is The Best Way To Market Your Home In Orange County?

    In 2014 the best way to market your home is to hire a qualified Real Estate agent to handle all aspects of marketing. A qualified Real Estate agent is able to not only market your home to a local audience but also internationally as well.

    In this post we will cover some of the ways that your Real Estate Agent will market your home.

    Video Marketing

    The first way to market your home is to have a a walk through video shot and uploaded to video sites like Youtube or Instagram as well as Real Estate websites like Activerain and Trulia. Video marketing is also highly effective in today’s Real Estate industry because it gives a home buyer the ability to feel like they are in your home compared to just looking at pictures which don’t always convey everything that a home offers.

    Use QR Codes and a Targeted Website for Marketing

    One of the great things about smartphones in 2014 is that almost every smartphone comes with an application that enables it’s owner to scan QR codes. Not only can QR codes be useful, but another technology being implemented is called IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This allows the prospective buyer to text a code and receive a recorded voicemail about the property or a link texted to them with all property information.

    Your Realtor will apply both QR and IVR codes to printed media as well as the sign that’s placed in your front yard so that prospective buyers will be able to easily access the information to see the listing for your home online. Besides scanning the QR code a home buyer will also be able to visit your home online by visiting the property website to view the listing as well.

    Painting a Picture

    Last of all, a great property description will work wonders for your property marketing. Think of a any great book you’ve read and you’ll likely think about a descriptive picture the author wrote with their words. The same holds true for your home. A great description will transform your home from a building into a magical retreat after a long day in the coal mines.

    For more tips on how to advertise your home, or to view Orange County homes for sale contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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