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    Planning on selling your home? If so, you may be wondering what features home buyers will pay the most for and once again it depends on a variety of factors including:


    Does your home back to a street, is it on a cul-de-sac or located near great schools?

    Floor Plan

    Is the home one level, two level, does it flow well or are there vaulted ceilings?

    Interior of Home

    Besides reviewing the overall floor plan most buyers will also want to know the condition on the home including the kitchen and family room since these are rooms where homeowners traditionally spend the most time.

    Every Buyer Is Completely Different

    One thing to remember is that every buyer is different based on the stage that they are at in life, their budget and what they are searching for in a home so although one feature in a home could appeal to a buyer the exact opposite could be true for another buyer.

    Tips for Buying A home

    If you’re planning on buying a home in the near future you should always remember the importance of location, location, location because homes which are in great locations or near excellent schools will always command higher prices than homes which are in less than ideal locations.

    Besides the location, another thing you should think about when buying a home is the floor plan and you should also think about the resale value of your interior design choices because your tastes might not always appeal to home buyers.

    Remember black tile, pink tile, carpet in the bathroom or horrible 1980’s bathroom décor? Those interior decorating choices all seemed like a great ideas at the time but if the owners stayed in those homes for any length of time they would have had to tear down those features or be faced with selling their homes for less than what they were worth.

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