What happens when your parents are selling the house you grew up in?

    There are more baby boomers in the United States than ever before. As many of them move into retirement, one big decision will ultimately come up; do they keep the homes that they raised their families in or do they sell the home and downsize? The answer to this question is often sell. Many times the family member that has the most difficult time with the decision to sell is the adult children who grew up in the home that their parents are planning on selling.

    Selling Doesn’t Have To Be A Difficult Process 

    The first step for those people who might have a problem with their parents selling the home that they grew up in is to realize that it may be best for their parents to downsize. As they get into their later years, having a smaller living space means less maintenance and worry for a them to deal with as they grow older. There are often problems with a larger home beyond maintenance, and that is safety. Often larger homes have stairs or other safety hazards for elderly parents that make it best for them to move somewhere else.

    Being Supportive Will Pay Off

    Supporting your parents decision to sell the family home can be difficult but, it’s an important thing to do since selling their home could be the last major decision that the parent will make as they move into the “golden years” of their life.

    Those grown up children who are having a hard time with their parents selling the home that they grew up in can help their parents sell their Orange County homes by following these simple tips.

    • Have a garage sale – Almost every parent ends up storing their children’s stuff, even if that child is grown up, and moved out years ago. One of the easy ways for grown up children to let go of their childhood home is to sell anything that their parents have been storing for them over the years that is no longer of use.
    • Remove the personal touches – One common thing that family homes have in common is personal touches like a height chart that dad might have marked on the wall over the years. All of these memories should be photographed for posterity and then painted over and removed so the parent and child sees the home as just a product that needs to be sold, instead of a personal place that they couldn’t part with.

    To learn more tips about selling a family home, contact the experienced team of Orange County realtors at Fred Sed & Associates today by calling (949) 272-0125.

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