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    What Happens When Disaster Strikes In Your Home? | Fridays with Fred


    Having a disaster in your home is the worst thing that any homeowner can possibly imagine, but it does happen to homeowners every year.

    A disaster in the home can be anything from a leaky pipe in your upstairs bathroom, to leaky roofbut the good news is that disasters in the home don’t have to be a disaster on your bank account if you have the right insurance protection.

    Home Warranty

    Thankfully with a home warranty all you have to do is call your home warranty company to report the disaster inside your home and they will send out a repair company to handle and repair all damage that the disaster caused.

    A home warranty insurance policy can cost you up to $550 per year but its well worth the price considering that most repairs in your home to things like an air conditioning unit, appliances or your refrigerator can cost over $1,000 to repair and or replace.

    Homeowners Insurance

    Another important form of insurance protection that you can use to protect yourself and your family if disasters occur in your home is homeowners insurance.

    Homeowners insurance is also well worth the investment because it will also cover you financially if you have guests in your home that are injured as a result of any in home disasters. What’s even better is that homeowners insurance policies provide an extra layer of insurance protection in case the items in your home are damaged and need repair.

    For homeowners who live in condos they would call their Home Owners Association (HOA) if anything inside their home is damaged or destroyed from a disaster.

    To learn more about the best ways to protect your home during a disaster, or to view the latest homes for sale in Orange County, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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