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    What Can A Home Seller Expect During The Sales Process?

    Selling a home can be an exciting and exhausting process. There are so many “moving parts” involved with the process of a home sale.

    In today’s post we will break down exactly what you can expect with selling your home so you’re completely aware of what will happen once you decide to sign a listing agreement.

    Step 1 – Listings  

    The first thing most Realtor’s will do once you sign the listing agreement is place your house on the Multiple Listing Service.

    What’s great about the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is that it will notify other Realtors and home buyers in your area that your house is on the market and ready to be seen by home buyers.

    Step 2 – Lockbox

    During the first few days after your home is listed your Realtor will attach a lockbox to your home so they and other listing agents in your city can gain access to your home even when your area away. We use a Supra Lockbox which is more secure since only licensed Realtors have access to unlock the lockbox, and we have also attached our lockboxes to an online system that will notify you exactly who has seen your home and asking them for feedback on what they liked about your home, and what could be improved to help you get top dollar.

    Step 3 – Signs

    After the lockbox is attached to your home, a For Sale sign will be placed in your front yard so that anyone who drives past your home will know it’s for sale.

    Step 4 – Open House

    One of the most popular ways to sell a home is to have an open house. Once your home is thoroughly cleaned and staged for sale your Realtor will most likely hold a broker open house on Wednesday so other Realtor’s in the area can view your home, then the buyers open house will be that weekend.

    Step 5 – Traffic

    Yes, you can expect an increase in traffic driving past your home in the first 3 weeks after you’ve signed your listing agreement because, most buyers will want to see your home for themselves before thy commit to seeing it in person with their agent.

    After 3 weeks the initial increase in traffic may die down, but don’t worry, because, the average days on market for a home is between 60-120 days so many buyers will come back multiple times to drive past your home while they are in the middle of their home search.

    Step 6- Clean Up

    An important step to selling a home is keeping it cleaned and staged while it’s on the market.

    You can keep your home clean at all times by keeping cleaning supplies within reach so you can use them at a moment’s notice.

    It will also be important to keep your home staged as well by using totes or boxes to pack of clothes or personal items quickly and place them in the garage or closet if needed because staging is an important part of helping a buyer to see the space which your home really offers them.

    Step 7 – Time To Change Course?

    Last of all, but most important, if your home hasn’t sold or attracted the interest of sellers within a minimum of 6 weeks, we typically advise our clients that we may need to change course. This may include making improvements to your home or reducing the price to make it more desirable for buyers.

    When it comes to making changes or improvements to your home you may need to paint some walls, clean up your yard or some other noticeable change. Rest assured that simple changes to your home can yield big results and help you to sell it sooner rather than later.

    You may also need to ask yourself if you’re getting the best possible service from your Realtor as well because, they may not be marketing your home so it can be found by buyers in your area.

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