Welcome Back To The Seller’s Market

    It’s Now A Sellers Market Across The United States

    Top Orange County realtors have known for months what listing agents across the United States are only now starting confirm, it’s a sellers market and it’s a fun time to own a home because, due to a lack of supply, homeowners in Orange County and across much of the United States can expect multiple offers.

    Changes Across The Market

    Recent studies of real estate markets across Orange County and the United States show that homes that are for sales in the US stand at only a six month plus supply compared to just over a nine month supply at the same time last year. The studies that were done by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) also show the bright side of the picture that one of the contributing factors to the lack of supply right now is that are less foreclosures on the market than last year and this is a good sign that are fewer underwater homeowners now than what many Orange County realtors and top listing agents across the country previously thought.

    Where Are The Hot Areas?

    Real estate industry giant Redfin also released news recently which showed that the hottest areas on the real estate market are Washington D.C, San Francisco, Phoenix and Denver. In each of these areas there is a three-month home supply and buyers in these areas could be starving for homes once that supply has dried up.

    How To Compete In The Sellers Market

    In today’s real estate market it’s become more important than ever before for buyers to hire aggressive realtors because an aggressive realtor will be the difference between a buyer being able to get the home that they really want and the seller getting the price for their home that they have been dreaming about.

    If you’re planning on buying or selling an Orange County home, contact one of the experienced agents at Fred Sed & Associated today. We have the skills that you need to compete in this sellers market so you can get your piece of Orange County California.

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