Uncommon Factors To Consider When Buying A Home

    In 2015 we’re seeing that curb appeal, open concept floor plans, upgraded kitchens and spa-like bathrooms continue to be some of the things which are important to home buyers but there are also some “uncommon factors” which are motivating buyers as well including the following:

    Cell Phone Coverage

    Thanks to great cell phone plans, many home buyers in 2015 will not even consider having a home phone because they use their cell phones for everything.

    Many of today’s home buyers are searching for homes which are situated in areas with great cell phone coverage so they can easily make phone calls right from the comfort of their home using their smart phone, tablet, watch or favorite device. Before looking in your desired area, make sure you have good cell coverage in and around your home. Nothing could be worse than having bad reception when you need it most.

    Tip: When visiting the home, call someone and see what the call sounds like. Surf the web from your phone too to see how good data coverage is should you need to access the GPS on a trip.

    Wired For Internet  Uncommon factors to consider when buying a home

    Another important thing OC home buyers are searching for in 2015 is a home that’s wired for the internet in every room so they can plugin in their modem in any room then be able to access a fast internet connection. Nothing would be worse than moving in, then realizing the only active port is in the baby’s new room then waiting a week for the cable guy to rewire the home.

    Local Internet Service Providers

    Since just about every member of the family uses the Internet now days, most families also research local Internet Service providers before they move to an area. Without reliable internet access you won’t be able to work from home if needed, and other members of the family won’t be able to use the internet for streaming music, gaming, movies or more.

    Home Office Space

    Besides searching for homes which are wired for the internet, or have great cell phone coverage, many of today’s home buyers are also searching for homes which have great spaces for home offices as well since one or more members of the family might also work from home. With more people working from home now, does the home you’re looking for have a private space that you can work from without constant distractions? You love your kids, but you don’t necessarily want them tugging at your arm while you’re trying to get that important assignment in to your boss.

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