Turning your home into a green energy efficient place to live in

    Just like your body and the system that is followed in it, the house too is a system in itself. Therefore, the house you live in has a great impact on your life. That would include your finances and your health too, at the same time. Therefore, living in a green home is of utmost importance as that is helpful for the environment, is good for your health and helps you save money in the long run too, and even on the mortgage payments too. There are also discussions on how the futuristic green home is going to look like.

    Remodeling your house into a energy efficient one  

    Rick Cook, of the New York firm Cook + Fox said that “This is a time of re-examining values, re-examining what we need.” So, what about the futuristic homes and how are those going to look like? “I’d love to build a house like a tree,” says architect William McDonough of the Charlottesville, Va., firm William McDonough and Partners.

    However, it may still not be possible for you to shape your home as tree. So, what can you do? In order to change your home into an energy efficient one, it is important for you to:

    1. Insulate your walls along with the attic – It would be important for you to insulate your walls and attic. Effective insulation reduces the rate of the heat flow from the house during the winter or into the house during summer. As a result, much less energy is required in order to either heat or cool your house.
    2. Replace old windows – If the windows have become too old and therefore leaky, it would be important to replace these with various energy-efficient models which are particularly in the range of weather stripping and the storm windows. Replacement of the windows, according to EnergyStar.gov can help you save 7 to 24 percent on the heating.
    3. Plant trees around the house – If yours is an old house, working to better the landscape may help a lot in save energy. During the summer, the tree foliage blocks high infrared radiation which results in a highly warm house, and in the winter the branches lets in the radiation.
    4. Improve the hot water system in your house – Insulate the hot water lines as this can help in keeping the water hot for long enough. It is also important for you to use low-flow fixtures with regards to the taps, and showers and the baths. You can also consider using the service of the advanced contractors. They now install the “on demand” circulating loops for hot water. It uses a small pump like machine to accelerate the passage of hot water and also works great if you are using low fixtures.
    5. Replace the old bulbs with CFLs – CFLs are supposed to help you save 3 quarters of electricity. Most of the people don’t realize that the amount electricity required to run a bulb costs more than what the cost of the bulb is. Although the CFLs may cost two to three dollars, it is going to last for 10,000 hours and is said to use only 27 watts for the generation of light.

    In addition, so as to improve your home and make it an energy efficient one, it would be important for you to take advantage of your tax incentives.

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