Top Real Estate Myths Debunked

    In Orange County Real Estate we’ve seen many Real Estate myths over the years come and go. Sadly many Real Estate myths we’ve seen has been false and can be easily debunked.

    Myth #1 – Expensive House? Your Agent Will Push You Into A More Expensive Home To Earn More  

    False – One of the top myths in the Real Estate world is that agents earn more commission if they are responsible for selling expensive homes. Yes, we may earn more by helping to buy or sell a more expensive home, but the reality is that Real Estate agents don’t earn thousands of dollars more in commissions if we sell a home which is priced higher than others. For example: A home in Orange County which is priced between $300,000 to $310,000 is only going to bring in about $150 more in commission for the agent. Ultimately, any price you pay for a new home, or get for selling your home, we only receive a tiny fraction of that. We work on your behalf in the transaction and work to do what is in your best interest.   

    Myth #2 – You Will Make More On the Deal by Paying Less Commission

    False – You may have seen offers on TV from some Real Estate Agents who charge less commission than other agents. This may be true in some instances, but the reality is that experienced agents who offer you full service will not discount their services.

    Your goal as a buyer or seller should be to hire an experienced Realtor who offers you full service, not someone who will charge less and maybe offer you less service in exchange. Ultimately, you’ll get what you pay for. If a Real Estate professional is willing to discount their commission, ask yourself why. Is it because they need more business? Will they be cutting corners on what they provide you?

    A Real Estate deal is a transaction which is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and you want the most experienced professional on your side who will serve all of your needs.

    Myth #3 – Agents Get Perks From Lenders and Home Inspectors

    False – Did you know that since 1974 it’s been against the law for Realtors to accept perks from recommending home inspectors, contractors, lenders or mortgage brokers to buyers and sellers?

    Every professional Real Estate agent will be aware of RESPA and will not want to potentially jeopardize their Real Estate license by accepting kickbacks.

    Myth #4 – Realtors Will Tell You Anything So You Will Buy or Sell

    False – Thanks to the Internet every Realtor’s goal should be to offer you the best service and support possible because we know that if you’re not happy with our service you will talk about your experience with us online.

    Regardless of the Internet it’s always been our top goal as top Orange County Realtors to deal honestly and truthfully with each of our clients because building relationships with happy clients means you will be more likely to refer us to your friends, family members and co-workers when they need a Realtor.

    Myth #5 – Now Is a Terrible Time to Sell Your Home

    False – It doesn’t matter if the Real Estate market is up or down, any time can be a good time to sell a home in Orange County if the home is priced correctly and the home offers features buyers are searching for.

    To learn more about Real Estate myths debunked or to view homes for sale in Orange County contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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