Top Home Appraisal Tips for Sellers

    Before trying to sell your home in Orange County you first have to know what it’s worth. This can be a huge obstacle for some homeowners who may have owned their homes for decades and have no idea how to find out what their homes should be priced at.

    Instead of trying to appraise your home yourself through a site like Zillow or Trulia, the key to success is getting a qualified home appraiser to determine the real value of your home.

    What Exactly Is An Appraisal?

    The legal definition of appraisal is an “opinion” of a homes value. Many homeowners might not like the appraisers opinion but that shouldn’t stop them from moving forward with the appraisal because, besides inspecting the home, the appraiser will also compare other homes in the neighborhood called “comps” to determine what they are worth and also what similar homes have sold at during the last year. The appraisers opinion is based on factual, market data and is a necessary step for any homeowner in Orange County to successfully sell their home.

    What Does It Cost?

    Orange County homeowners should be prepared to pay up to $500 dollars to have their home appraised. Sellers should try to find a qualified home appraiser who has experience with their home’s market and is familiar with the area. It’s also important for sellers to find appraisers who have a special designation from the MAI, SRPA or SRA. These designations are proof of success and signs that the appraisal takes their job seriously and can be trusted.

    Get Your Home Ready

    Once you’ve chosen an Orange County home appraiser and have set the date for the appraisal, the next step is for the home owner to get their home ready because, part of the appraisers opinion will come from what they see so, if a home has a messy lawn, bad paint job or termite infested wood, all of these things will lead to a negative home appraisal.

    Tread Carefully With A Second Appraisal

    If a homeowner is unhappy with the appraisal that they receive, they are within their right to get a second appraisal but they should tread carefully since, the second appraisal could determine an even lower home value than the first and it could be difficult for the homeowner to compare the two appraisals and determine what their home is really worth.

    Selling an Orange County home can be a frustrating experience, don’t go through it alone, contact one of the real estate professionals at Fred Sed & Associates today to help you successfully get the price for your home that you deserve in today’s competitive sellers market.

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