Top 6 Items On A Home Seller Checklist

    Planning on selling your Orange County home? Selling a home in Orange County is an exciting task because it means you are moving on to bigger and better things but before you sell your home you need to follow a home seller checklist.

    Checklist Tip 1 – Keep All Completed Addendums, Purchase Contract and Seller Disclosures 

    Although paperwork is a fact of list when selling a home you could find yourself in need of some of the documents which you signed at a moment’s notice so to avoid searching for paperwork at the last minute you should keep all documents in one safe, central location so you can easily find them if needed. We offer a service through Docusign that allows you to not only sign documents electronically from your computer or tablet, but they are also stored on a secure site so you have access to them whenever you need to view them whether you are at home on your computer or want to view them on the go from your mobile device.

    Checklist Tip 2 – Clean Your House  

    When moving out of a home it’s best to clean the home from top to bottom because you want to leave the home as you ideally would want to find it when moving in there.

    You’re going to be busy when selling your home so it’s also best to consider asking for help with cleaning your home by hiring a cleaning service or recruiting friends / family members with getting your home cleaned from top to bottom. You won’t believe how much a little elbow grease can go towards the final sales price of your home. (hint: A LOT! )

    Checklist Tip 3 – Turn Those Shut-Off Valves Off

    Once you have disconnected your dishwasher or washing machine make sure you also turn off the shut off valves in the areas where those machines were connected because, it’s not uncommon for those valves to drip and a little drip can easily turn into a flood if it’s left unattended over a few days.

    When turning these shut off valves off make sure you leave a note for the home buyer just so they won’t make the mistake of calling a plumber if the water doesn’t turn on.

    Checklist Tip 4 – Leave The Buyer With Tips About Your Home

    As the seller you can endear yourself to the home buyer by leaving them with tips about your home like which light switches turn on the lights in various rooms of your home if there is unusual wiring, unique characteristics of the property, or why they would love their new neighbors.

    Inside tips will help the buyer feel a more personal connection to the home when they move in and also give them ideas of what to improve or how they can make the home better within the first 30 days of living there.

    Checklist Tip 5 – Cancel Those Insurance Policies

    After you know for certain that the deed was recorded and the title transfer occurred you should call your insurance agency and cancel the homeowner’s insurance policy for the home you are selling just so you won’t have to pay two policies if you’re moving into another home. Most insurance companies will credit you for the remainder of the policy you haven’t used, so the sooner, the better.

    If you plan on buying a new home after you’ve sold your current property, make sure you’ve lined up insurance for your new home early if you are not planning on using your current insurance company. By doing this, you’ll experience far fewer headaches since the escrow and mortgage companies will know who to contact.

    Checklist Tip 6 – Remember To Transfer Utilities And Change Your Address

    Last of all, but most important, if you’re buying another home in Orange County remember to change your address with your utilities provider and complete other important tasks like changing your address with the post office and any other services you use just so all of your mail will be sent to your new address. It might not be a bad idea to update your address for commonly used shipping services like Amazon too so packages aren’t mistakenly sent to your old home.

    For more home seller checklist tips or to view homes for sale across Orange County contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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