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    Top 4 Reasons To Be An All Cash Home Buyer

    Should you pay cash for a home? If you ask an Orange County realtor this question you will
    get a different opinion from every realtor but the realty is that buying a home with cash does
    have numerous advantages.

    Cash Is King

    The first reason why cash offers are better is that sellers love cash and they will almost
    always choose cash offers over traditional financing because they know that cash deals will
    close quicker and there will be less financing “stumbling blocks” than those buyers who are
    using financing to buy a home. In many cases a home can close in as little as seven days
    when a buyer pays with cash compared to 45 days or longer when a buyer finances their

    No Mortgage Payments

    Besides being able to close on a home quickly, the next obvious benefit that a buyer will
    enjoy when they pay cash for a home is that they will not have a mortgage payment. This
    can be highly beneficial over a 30-year period especially when the economy peaks or
    declines and mortgage rates go up or down.

    No Contingencies

    Buyers who can pay all cash for their homes don’t have to deal with the hassles of
    contingencies like appraisal contingencies where (where an appraiser will compare three
    properties in the area) or funding contingencies (stumbling blocks that could come up
    because, the buyer has problems with their credit etc.

    More Security

    Unlike buyers who finance their homes, people who pay cash for their homes have a greater
    sense of peace and security because; they truly own their homes and don’t have to make a
    mortgage payment every single month.

    To learn more about the benefits of being an all cash buyer contact one of the top Orange
    County realtors at Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125 or by
    emailing us at: info@bestocproperties.com.


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