Tips for a Hassle-Free Moving Day

    The secret to a super easy moving day is simple: it takes more than a day. The more you plan and prepare for your relocation, the less hectic the process. And while there are some things you can’t plan for — bad weather, car accidents, and accidentally breaking things are just a few examples — you can have certain measures in place for the big day that will get you to your new home in one piece.

    Months Before the Move…

    Start going through your home and getting rid of stuff you don’t need. Generally, we own too much stuff — both as individuals and as a society altogether. If you are truly honest with yourself, how much could you get rid of? If you have a hard time letting go of too many items, remember that the less you have, the less you need to move. You’ll be grateful for your new minimalist style when you unpack your new place in half the time.


    • Start with the easy stuff — old magazines, kitchen gadgets you don’t use, old sheets and towels, etc. This will help ease you into the bigger stuff.

    • When you begin getting rid of stuff months before the move, it gives you time to sell some of the big-ticket items for extra cash. When in good condition, furniture and electronics can have pretty decent resale values. If selling your stuff isn’t your style, you can also donate to a nonprofit charity and write it off on your taxes next year.

    • Avoid making a “maybe” pile. If it’s a “maybe,” you don’t need it.


    Weeks Before the Move…

    Research the best moving company in town and contact them. When finalizing your terms, make sure they provide a formal contract in writing that details everything from price to their insurance policy. Finding reputable movers is one of the most important things you can do. Hire the wrong people and you can find yourself in a nightmare scenario.

    Take the moving horror story of Amanda Ponzar from Alexandria, Virginia. A crooked moving company refused to unload any of her furniture, holding it hostage in their truck and demanding a ransom. Even after calling the police, she ended up having to pay more than initially agreed upon. Protecting yourself with a standard moving contract can prevent such a headache.

    Day Before the Move…

    Board your pets! Packing up your items, having movers come into your home, and the general instability in the air can all cause undue anxiety in your pets. Anxiety can lead to erratic behavior and even drives some dogs and cats to run away. The last thing you want is for that to happen! Boarding your cat or dog (or finding someone to pet sit in their home) puts them in a safe environment where they receive professional care and attention. Once it is time to move on to the new house, you can pick them up and continue on your journey together.

    Sure, moving is stressful, but you have the foresight and dedication to make the preparations necessary to help ease the entire process. Start cleaning out your house and getting rid of unnecessary items months before and you’ll be grateful when it is time to unpack. Weeks before the move, secure your moving company and be sure you have a contract in place to protect you and your stuff. The day before the move, place your pets in a safe environment by boarding them or leaving them with a sitter to help protect them from excessive anxiety and its symptoms.

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