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    Things That Go Wrong With Orange County CA Real Estate Sales

    In the world of Real Estate, every Real Estate Agent knows that things can go wrong during Real Estate sales for buyers and sellers but that doesn’t mean that anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a home, especially in Orange County, should not buy or sell a home because of what might happen during the transaction. Home ownership is about the long term, not just about the transaction.

    What Could Go Wrong For Buyers?  

    Thanks to the low inventory and high demand for homes in Orange County, buyers are facing a more competitive Real Estate market than they have faced in many years. Some of the most common things that could go wrong for buyers during a Real Estate sale are:

    • The seller becomes very ill or even dies suddenly.

    • During the closing of the sale, the seller takes with them property that was supposed to be included in the Real Estate sale.

    • Seller decides to leave town at the last minute and doesn’t designate an outside party to finish the sale.

    • After receiving a list of repairs that need to be made to the home, the seller doesn’t comply with the repair requests.

    What Could Go Wrong For Sellers?

    For sellers there is a lot at stake right now during the 2013 Orange County Real Estate market. Home values are the highest that they’ve been in years and it’s not uncommon for a seller to receive multiple offers on their home. Some of the most common things that can go wrong for sellers are:

    • The buyer changes their mind and backs out of the sale.

    • The buyer’s employer transfers them to another city or they lose their job altogether.

    • Buyer loses their mortgage loan pre-qualification because, the lender finds out that they provided inaccurate information or they were unable to produce the necessary paperwork that the lender wanted.

    • When it comes time for closing, the buyer announces that they can’t pay closing costs.

    How to Avoid Problems during Real Estate Sales

    To avoid problems during a Real Estate sale it’s important for both buyers and sellers to make sure that they hire a qualified Real Estate Agent to represent them because, an experienced Realtor in Orange County, can make help a buyer or seller avoid confusion when it comes to Real Estate superstitions and make sure that the best interests of their clients are represented.

    For more information on how to be better prepared when buying or selling a home or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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