The Importance Of Finding A Realtor With A Marketing Strategy

    If you’re planning on hiring an Orange County real estate to sell your home one of the most important selling tips that we can give you is to hire a home seller who is as experienced with online marketing as they are with selling homes. Why is this tip important? Top Orange County realtors can’t apply the same kills and techniques that they did 20 years ago to sell homes; in today’s world realtors in Orange County have to be skilled with using apps, mobile platforms, social media and other online platforms for selling real estate because, buyers go online first to
    look for homes before they contact realtors and if your home isn’t listed online, you will only miss out on the opportunity to get more people looking at your home and multiple buyers.

    Online Promotion Is Important

    Besides hiring a realtor who is technically adapt with all of the latest online platforms for selling real estate and tools for connecting with buyers, you should also be doing your part to get your home ready for sale by cleaning it up inside and out because, your realtor will be shooting videos of your home, to post to video websites like YouTube and taking lots of pictures of your home; you want to give your realtor the best “product” because, investing a little time and labor can be the difference between selling your home quickly or not.

    Do Your Part Online

    Before hiring an Orange County realtor to sell your home, you should do a little online research yourself to find the best websites, apps and online resources for selling a house in Orange County. After you’ve done your research you can come to the table more knowledgeable and ask your Orange County realtor about their online marketing plan for your home; if they present a plan that contains techniques that were in use decades ago and their marketing plan doesn’t include any online marketing ideas, you should keep interviewing Orange County realtors until you find the right one.

    To connect with a top Orange County realtor who has the best online marketing skills to help you sell your Orange County home, contact Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125 or email us at

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