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    The Emotional Argument For Home Ownership

    It’s 2015 and almost everyone you know has bought a home.

    We all know that owning a home offers lots of practical benefits like: tax breaks, appreciation, equity, savings and predictable mortgage payments but what are the emotional reasons to buy a home?

    Freedom of Choice  

    One of the first benefits which comes from owning a home is having the freedom of choice to make decisions about your home like: decorating, landscaping and renovation without having to first call the homeowner or property Management Company for approval.

    Yes some homes are part of Homeowners Associations but when it comes to major renovations like painting inside your home, changing the carpeting, adding new light fixtures, renovating the kitchen or bathrooms, you will be able to do all of those projects yourself without looking over your shoulder.

    Stability of Location

    Owning a home is a great thing especially since this means you will finally be able to settle down in one place and plant “roots” in the local community, including establishing relationships with your neighbors, participating in community events and forging lifelong bonds with people who live in the community.

    Besides settling down, you will also be able to provide a stable environment for your children where they can make friends and connections as they grow up.

    There’s nothing like being able to grow up having one home, and one address, when you’re a child. This stability gives a child a “rock” to come back to as they are navigating through their teenage years and on into adulthood.

    For more reasons why you should own a home in 2015 or to view Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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