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    Thanksgiving – A Day of Thanks and Football

    Almost everyone in the United States is familiar with Thanksgiving Day. This annual holiday is held on the second to last of every year and is one of the most cherished holidays in the United States where families come together for a great meal, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, football and to give thanks for all of the great things they’ve experienced during the year.

    Make This Years Thanksgiving Different  

    • Keep it simple – This year, focus on keeping decorations simple by scouring your backyard for flowers to use in your centerpiece and asking your children, grandchildren or younger relatives to contribute by making the decorations. If everyone feels like they have played a part in the celebration, it will be more special for them.
    • Make memories – Keep a camera (or your phone) nearby to take pictures and video of this year’s Thanksgiving. That way you will be able to share those pictures or videos that you took by emailing them or posting them to Facebook later that night.
    • Try gluten free – Many people in today’s world can’t eat anything with gluten in it so you should try choosing ingredients that are gluten free if any of your guests are allergic. This will help to keep your guests healthy, happy and keep them coming back to your Thanksgiving parties for years to come.
    • Go organic – For this years 2012 Thanksgiving, try doing something different, go organic by buying fresh produce from local farmers markets. This will insure that you’ve done your part to help the earth and guarantee that you’re offering your family and friends a healthy meal without the risk of pesticides.

    Think green

    Before guests arrive, replace all light bulbs in your home with energy efficient light bulbs and use fewer lights as possible. This will insure that you’re lowering your carbon footprint and doing your part to help the environment.

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