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    Should You Invest In Cash Flow Real Estate? Pt. 3 | Fridays With Fred

    Should You Invest In Cash Flow Real Estate Pt. 2 | Fridays with Fred

    As long time Real Estate investing experts we frequently get asked “what type of Real Estate investment should I be looking for?” and the answer is simple: cash flow or appreciation. (because why would you want any other type?)

    In part three of our four part series on Real Estate investing we’re going to cover more of the basics that you need to know about Real Estate investment so you can be prepared once you find the perfect home to purchase.

    Variety Pays Off

    Did you know that some of the best Real Estate investments aren’t just located in Orange County? If you start looking out of state you will find that there are plenty of great Real Estate investments still available.

    The availability of homes available is easy to see especially in cities that were hit hard by the recent foreclosure crisis and their Real Estate markets are slowly starting to get back to normal.

    As a Real Estate investor you will find that some areas like Orange County offer fast appreciation of home value while other cities like Memphis, Tennessee will offer great cash flow because there is always a demand for homes to rent in those cities due to multiple factors.

    Out of State Management

    One of the great things about being a Real Estate investor is that you don’t have to exclusively look for homes in Orange County. In 2014 we have many partners across the country who are property management companies that specialize in managing properties so all you have to be concerned about is collecting your check and enjoying the fruits of your investment.

    Know Your Risk

    What’s your preference for risk? Your tolerance for risk will ultimately determine what types of real Estate investments that you choose. 

    To learn more about investing in Cash Flow Real Estate contact Fred Sed & Associates today for a free consultation at (949) 272-0125 or contact us through our website.

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