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    Should You Have Cash Flow Real Estate in your Portfolio?

    Should You Have Cash Flow Real Estate in your Portfolio?

    Should you invest in Cash Flow Real Estate? The answer to this question if you’re looking for a way to diversity your portfolio is yes. Thanks to low mortgage interest rates, and affordable homes across Orange County, there’s never been a better opportunity for any serious investor to get the most return on their investment dollar in the last few years. This year it’s not uncommon to see people from all ages and walks of life investing in Real Estate because, they want to be part of the best opportunity to invest in property across the United States that our country has seen in the last 40 years.

    How You Can Get Started

    If you’re starting out with getting into Cash Flow Real Estate Investing here’s how you can get started:

    • Location: Choose the location that you want to invest in a Rental Home. Keep in mind that location is important because investing in a home that’s near entertainment, schools, restaurants and transportation, it will be easier for you to maintain a steady rental income from that home, even during a down economy.
    • Net Rental Income: Will the Orange County Rental home have enough Net Rental Income? To calculate this important number you must to a comparable analysis of other homes in the area to find out what they are renting for them subtract the potential rent that you will charge from the home from things like your mortgage payment, taxes and maintenance costs to determine if it will provide you with a net rental income to cover at least 150% of your mortgage repayments.

    Hire an Orange County Realtor

    One of the most important steps to investing in Cash Flow Real Estate in Orange County is hiring an Orange County Realtor to help you find the latest homes for sale in the area. This step is important because, it will save you the time, money and hassle of having to search for homes yourself and make sure that you find the Rental Home that will yield the highest return for your investment. To learn more about investing in Cash Flow Real Estate in Orange County, or to view the latest homes for sale in the area, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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