Should You Crowdsource Your Real Estate Investments?

    Crowdfunding Real Estate Investing is something that’s risen in popularity in the last few years thanks to the hot Real Estate market and improving economy but is this something Real Estate Investors in Orange County should consider?

    How Does This Form Of Real Estate Investment Work?  

    With Crowdfunding and Real Estate investment you will be able to pool your money with other accredited investors through crowdfunding portals and make investments in Orange County properties or Real Estate across the United States.

    Crowdfunding isn’t open to every Real Estate investor though, in order to participate in a crowdfunding website the investor must be able to prove that they have a sufficient net worth or provide proof of income which shows that they made at least $200,000 per year over the last two years.

    Is Crowdfunding Real Estate Safe?

    Yes, Crowdfunding Real Estate websites are safe thanks to rules like SEC Rule 506 (b) which states that crowdfunding websites must not display deals on their websites because, that will count as general solicitation and also the requirements that are placed on potential investors to prove their incomes which helps to insure that only qualified investors participate in crowdfunding deals.

    Many Crowdfunding Websites to Choose From

    If you plan on participating in Crowd funding you have a variety of websites to choose from including:

    Fundrise, Realty Mogul, RealtyShares, Fquare, Collaperty, Prodigy Network, Primarq, Globerex, CrowdMason and iFunding.

    Before getting involved in Crowdfunding make sure that you first have the disposable income to get started with Crowdfunding then choose an accredited website because, with this form of Real Estate investment there is always the potential for scams to occur and it never hurts to be too cautious before investing your hard earned money.

    To learn more about Crowdfunding, or to view the latest Orange County Homes for Sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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