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    Should I write a personalized letter to the seller?

    “Should I write a personalized letter to the seller?” This is an excellent Real Estate question that many home buyers have asked Orange County Realtors in the past. The answer to this is yes! A letter to the seller will enable you to paint a positive mental picture in the mind of the seller and enable them to get to know you personally instead of just seeing you as another buyer who is trying to submit an offer on their home.

    How to Write the Perfect Letter to a Seller  

    Step 1 – Always open your letter with complimenting the seller’s home and letting them how much you love it. This includes their choice of colors in the home or decorating decisions. Once you open with a compliment you want to go right into writing about what your reasons are for wanting to purchase their home; these reasons could include: the home will be perfect for your small children to grow up, close to the beach because you love surfing or close to an historic part of town and you love history. Whatever reason you cite for loving their home, make sure that you go into detail so they can essentially get to know you as a person.

    Step 2 – Show that you are a stable person including talking about your stable employment history with the same company, longtime resident of the community and pre-qualification for a mortgage. This step is important because, the seller wants to make sure that there won’t be any contingencies that slow down or delay their home sale from closing quickly.

    Step 3 – Be positive in your letter! This step is vital because, the seller doesn’t want to hear about how many other offers that you might have lost, they only care about their home sale and want to feel confident that you are the right buyer for their home.

    Step 4 – When finishing up with your letter always make sure to take the time reading and spell checking it because, you can easily miss typos or spelling errors that could ultimately cost you the home of your dreams because, your letter to the seller doesn’t reflect your true moral character and professionalism.

    Hire a Qualified Orange County Realtor

    One of the easiest ways to ensure that you write a great letter to the seller is by hiring a qualified Orange County Realtor who can walk you through the process of writing a letter to the seller personally and insure that you win the Orange County Home of your dreams.

    To speak with one of the Top Orange County Realtors at Fred Seed & Associates contact us today by calling (949) 272-0125.

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