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    Should I Make Repairs Before Selling My Home? | Fridays with Fred

    As long time Orange County Realtor’s one question we’ve been asked from our clients from time to time is: “should I make repairs to my home before selling it?” and the answer to this question is yes.

    The Investment Is Worth It

    Let’s say you have to replace the carpeting, and paint the inside of your home, but these repairs will cost you about $6,000.

    By making these repairs to your home now you will be able to avoid buyers who will submit lower offers or ask for credits because there is work which needs to be done on your home.

    Present the Best Product Possible

    Think of your home as a “product” which needs to be sold. When you make repairs to your home now you can and will have confidence that you’re presenting the best product to buyers.

    This will also make our job easier as your Realtor when it comes to selling your home for top dollar.

    Return on Investment

    If you do the research online it’s easy to see that most home repairs including kitchen and bathroom remodels will offer you a near 100% return on investment.

    It’s best to spend your money where it counts and investment money in your home to repair problem areas, or add updates which will only help to increase your home’s value.

    Use This Tip When Redecorating Your Home

    Last of all, but most important, remember to use neutral colors and neutral design choices when paining, adding new carpeting or redecorating your home before you sell it.

    Your goal as a home seller should be to offer buyers an “empty canvas” so that when they see your home they will be able to see themselves living there and not be distracted by the use of colors and design choices in your home.

    For more tips on how to how to get your home ready for sale, or to view the latest listings across Orange County, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125

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