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    Selling a Home during a Buyers’ Market

    Selling a Home during a Buyers’ Market

    During the first half of 2013 the Orange County Real Estate market was a sellers’ market due to rising home values and a huge demand for homes. Sellers were able to price their homes for sale at far above the asking prices of homes that sold recently in the same neighborhoods, and it also wasn’t uncommon to hear stories of many homeowners receiving multiple offers on their homes.

    A Fast Paced Real Estate Market

    Fast forward to November and the Real Estate market has changed; home values have slowed down and sellers are now pricing their homes at or just above their market values.

    Thanks to the changes in the Orange County Real Estate market the current market conditions are turning this Real Estate market a buyers’ market and sellers have to work a little harder than they did earlier this year to sell their homes.

    What to do Before Selling during a Buyers’ Market

    If you plan on selling your home during a buyers’ market here are the top things you need to do before you should consider placing a “for sale” sign in your front yard:

    • Get a home inspection – This step is important for sellers since it will give an early warning on problem areas that their homes have so they can get those things fixed before they sell their homes.
    • Rehab before listing – If you haven’t invested much time or money into your home in recent years, take the time to shape your home up before selling it. This includes: investing in new landscaping, buying interior or exterior paint and renting a pressure washer to clean up the entry way to your home.

    Choose the Right Realtor

    Last of all, but perhaps most important before selling your home during a buyers’ market, make sure that you take the time to interview several Realtors before hiring someone to sell your home. An experienced Realtor will have the right skills and traits that you need to successfully sell your home during a competitive buyers’ market.

    For more information on the services that Fred Sed & Associates can offer you, or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact us today by calling (949) 272-0125.

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