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    Pros and Cons of Renting vs Buying When Moving to Southern California | Fridays with Fred


    Are you thinking about relocating to Southern California for a new job but you’re not sure if it’s a better decision for you to rent a home or buy a house right away?

    Many people will relocate to SoCal in the next 12 months and have to make the decision to either rent or buy a home. Over the years we’ve seen our clients who recently relocated here base their decisions to rent or buy a house in the area for the following reasons:

    You Want To Learn the Area

    Let’s face it, Southern California has a lot of areas to choose from. You have the beaches, cities, and countless other little communities in between that would make the perfect place to buy a home. With so many locations to choose from it may make sense for some people to rent for the first 12 months so they can learn more about which areas best suit them and what they are specifically looking for in a home.

    You Want To Make Sure Your Job Is Stable

    Although you may be getting transferred to Southern California for their dream jobs, some of our clients in the past have chosen to also rent for the first 12 months because you want to make sure your job is stable before you commit to buying a home here. This is understandable and also a practical thing to do because if the job doesn’t work out you have the option of leaving at the end of 12 months when your lease is up instead of staying in SoCal because you bought a home in the area.

    You Already Know the Area

    Last of all, but most important, we’ve also had clients over the years who relocated to Southern California and buy a home here right away because they already know the area and feel confident in buying a home here since they may have lived in Southern California in the past or they previously took a vacation here and know without a doubt that this is where they want to settle.

    Let Fred Sed Realty Be Your Guide

    It doesn’t matter if you plan on renting or buying a home in Southern California, let Fred Sed Realty be your guide and help you get into the right home for your family at the right time in your life.

    Contact us today by calling (800) 921-9231, follow us on Facebook or connect with us through our website.

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