Open Concept? Will Knocking Down A Wall Improve Your Homes Value?

    If you watch any of the home shows on HGTV these days, one of the most common things that homebuyers are looking for is an open concept floor plan in a home.

    What is an open concept floor plan? It’s a floor plan where the rooms flow from one to another. Instead having walls or dividers to separate the living spaces, there is an openness that makes a small home feel bigger and enables people in the home to stay connected, regardless of where they are in the home.

    Time To Knock Down Walls?  

    For those home buyers who want their homes to sell, especially if they are older homes that were built between the 1950’s and 1980’s, those home buyers should consider knocking down one or more walls to create an open concept floor plan that potential buyers will love.

    Before going “gung ho” and knocking down just any wall it’s important to identify what walls in the home are load bearing walls. You can do this by looking for the following:

    • Check your basement – If your home has a basement, check for support beams or walls directly under the walls that you want to knock down because, these walls are most likely load bearing walls.
    • Review the original blueprints – Check the original blueprints or plans for your home because these plans will tell you which walls are load bearing and which ones aren’t.
    • Stay away from outside walls – Always keep in mind that outside walls are load bearing and it pays to stay away from touching these walls because, problems will always result.

    It Pays To Hire An Engineer

    Dealing with interior demolition can be a complicated job, for those home buyers who want to guarantee that they are knocking down the right walls it pays to hire a structural engineer because. This will enable the home buyer to have confidence that they are knocking down the right walls and guarantee that they will be able to create a great floor plan to increase the value of their home.

    To learn more about open concept floor plans and more great tips on creating one, contact the experienced team of Orange County realtors at Fred Sed & Associates today by calling (949) 272-0125.

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