Moving To A New Home In Orange County With Kids

    If you’re a homeowner, in Orange County and you have children, sooner or later you may decide that it’s time to move to a bigger home. Even though we don’t have a problem moving as adults, children don’t adapt to moving as easily, and they don’t always understand why they have to move unless their parents begin to get them ready to move by following these simple tips.

    Talk With Your Children

    The first step to moving with your children is to get them ready to move by talking with them about the move before listing your house for sale. You should talk with your children about all of the positive things that will come with moving including:

    • Bigger rooms for your children, or each child can finally have their own rooms.

    • Nicer kitchen for mommy.

    • Two to three car garage for daddy with more space for toys.

    • Pool in the backyard.

    • Bigger driveway for basketball hoop.

    • More parks near the new house for playtime.

    • Better schools.

    • Better amenities nearby for playtime and fun.

    If you explain to your children why you want to move, and help them to see the positive reasons behind it, the move will be less shocking and something that they will be supportive of once you do sell your house.

    Get Your Children Involved

    After discussing the move with your children it’s important to talk with them about it on a regular basis. Even if they are teenagers, because kids of all ages need continual positive reinforcement that the move will be a good thing for them.

    You can also get your children involved in the move by asking them to help you get the house ready for sale by boxing up their personal items and organizing the home for the first open house because, the sooner a child can see a home as a “product” that has to be sold, the sooner they will be able to remove the personal attachment that they have with the home and be ready to move onto the next home.

    To learn more great tips about moving with children or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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