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    K1 Speedway ~ Action Packed Excitement In Irvine’s Backyard

    Imagine this: The roar of the engines. The wind rushing on your face. The thrill of the race. You might think you are at the Indy 500, but look again. You’re at the K1 Speedway in Irvine.

    The K1 Speedway is truly a unique venue in Irvine and this indoor Indy car track is perfect for all types of people. Truth be told, I am not a big automotive buff. In fact, cars are just transportation to me (with some being more flashy than others). Yet when I stepped foot into the Speedway, something surged in me. The thrill of competition and the prospects of being an Indy car driver for the day.  

    You need to understand that K1 Speedway is not like that rundown go kart track you’re picturing in your mind. It is a nice warehouse filled with two swervy tracks and a big lounging area. The vehicles you use are mini-Indy cars that reach the top speed of 45mph. These cars quickly zoom around corners and they accelerate up to their top speeds just as fast. The speed heightens the thrills and is very addicting. Both my brothers and sister enjoyed the races, even though I was the best. (OK, I won only once)

    K1 is tucked away in the industrial and business section of Irvine off Von Karman and McGaw, near The District, so it is readily accessible from within Irvine. With a snack bar, racing memorabilia and nice lounging areas, K1 Speedway proves to be an ideal spot for get-togethers and parties for all ages. So what are you waiting for? Take a spin on the track. It won’t disappoint.

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