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    Is Your Selling Agent Communicating With You?

    3 Red Flags That Your Real Estate Agent is Lazy

    ORANGE COUNTY – Buying a home is one of the biggest things that you will do in your life. The process of buying a home represents a transaction that can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars and you want to love the home that you live in.

    One problem that often comes during the process of buying a home in Orange County, is when a Realtor doesn’t communicate with you.

    In this post we will cover 3 red flags or signs that you must be on the lookout that mean you could be having a communication problem with your Realtor.

    Your Realtor Is Out Of Touch  

    Working with a Realtor in many cases can be compared to marriage in that communication is the core to making the relationship work.

    If your Realtor is out of touch and can’t be reached during normal business hours on a daily basis this is a serious problem because, it means that you won’t be able to address any problems or concerns with your Realtor as they arise.

    Before hiring a Realtor make sure that they will be available during normal business hours and that you will have the ability to communicate with them after hours (within reason) if you have a problem, question or concern that must be addressed right away.

    You Don’t Get Any Advice from Your Realtor

    Another indicator that it’s time to be concerned about your relationship with your Realtor is when they don’t offer you any advice when it comes to buying or selling a home.

    Advice from your Realtor is important because you are paying them for their knowledge and expertise so if they are not offering advice it means they are not engaged and won’t be a complete part of helping you to buy or sell a home.

    They Push You to Look Online For Yourself

    Last of all, if your Realtor encourages you to look online for a home’s value or to have other common Real Estate questions answered, this should also be a cause for concern as well. We do offer a weekly Fridays with Fred series across multiple topics relating to Orange County Real Estate if you want to learn more about Real Estate, but I’m always here to answer any questions my clients have. (But feel free to subscribe)

    Part of your Realtors job is being able to do the leg work when it comes to helping you to buy or sell a home including doing a comparable analysis of other homes that sold recently in a neighborhood or helping you to accurately find the value of a home.

    If your Realtor tells you to “Google it” instead of answering your questions you should ask yourself if your Realtor is really engaged in helping you buy or sell a home in Orange County.

    Have Real Estate Questions? Contact Us!

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