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    Is That Dog Made of Gold? It May Be Worth $10,000

    Dog owners love their dogs and treat them like they are a member of their families, this is a fact of life and when it comes to selling a home. The dog owner has to be faced with the difficult decision of what to do with their dog during the days or weeks while the home is on the market. Should they keep the dog out of sight and out of mind? If selling the home for any extra $10,000 above asking price is a motivator then that homeowner should find creative ways to keep their dog out of sight while the home is on the market.

    Why Keep The Dog Out Of Sight? 

    It doesn’t matter if your dog is little or big, not everyone likes dogs, especially children and there’s nothing worse than having a friendly dog run up to potential home buyers, slobber on them and see those potential buyers walk away from that house.

    Yet another, equally important reason to keep a dog out of sight and out of mind during the time the home is one the market is the cleanliness factor. If a potential buyer sees that a dog has lived at that home, they may think that the home has not been cared for, even if the owner has bathed their dog once a week, potty trained it and sent it to obedience classes.

    Multiple Offers Are A Big Motivator

    With homes in Orange County getting multiple offers in this real estate market, any Orange County realtor will advise their client to send the dog away for the open house or keep it away during the time that the house is listed on the market. For those homeowners who can’t afford to send their dog away, the simple solution is to ask a trusted friend or relative to watch the dog that way the homeowner can focus completely on selling their home and not risk any potential buyers being turned off by seeing that they own a dog.

    To learn more tips about the importance of staging an Orange County home for sale, contact the team of experienced Orange County realtors at Fred Sed & Associates today at (949) 272-0125.

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