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    Is my garage considered part of my homes square footage?

    One common question that Orange County Realtors and top listing agents hear on a regular basis is this: “Is my garage part of my homes square footage?” the answer to this question is no, a garage is not considered to be part of a homes total square footage.

    But My Garage Is Attached To My Home Right?

    Yes, your garage is attached to your home but it’s still not considered to be “livable space” and that’s what appraisers look for when they calculate the total square footage of a home.

    home appraiser will add up the total square footage of a home by mapping out a home on a single piece of graphic paper and during this process they will calculate all areas of the home, edges and living space of the home to come up with the number for total square footage.

    What About My Home Addition? 

    If a home addition wasn’t built after the right permits were received, those additions will not be included into the homes total square footage.

    Other parts of a home that might not get included as square footage are: attics, lofts, basement conversions or special “man caves” that might have been added onto a home over the years.

    Should I Choose A Licensed Home Appraiser?

    Yes, if you plan on having your home appraised or are curious about the total square footage of your home, you should choose a licensed appraiser to calculate the square footage of your home instead of relying on your Real Estate Agent or trying to calculate the square footage yourself.

    In cases when the square footage of a home is published, that square footage typically comes from the home’s blueprints or from the homes builder because, it’s always better to go directly to the source and avoid any confusion regarding the authenticity of the square footage for a home.

    To learn more about reculcating the square footage of home or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling (949) 272-0125.

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