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    Importance of professional photos of your home when selling

    A picture is worth a thousand words”; this saying is very true, especially in the real estate world in this day and age when the average home buyer spends time online looking at homes first before they go and look at those homes in person.

    The Keys to Taking Pictures

    The first step to taking great pictures of a home is staging the pictures. Start out by cleaning each room in your house, you shouldn’t hesitate to clean all the way down to the baseboards and carpets because, a clean house will be noticeable in pictures just like a dirty house will be.

    Once you have each room cleaned you should spend time staging the rooms in your home by removing unnecessary junk and keeping each space as clutter free as possible. During the process of cleaning you shouldn’t hesitate to experiment and try new things like adding new artwork to your walls, rearranging plants and changing around furniture because, a little experimentation could mean the difference between selling your home quickly and having it stay on the market longer.

    Hire A Pro or Take Pictures Yourself?

    One of the quickest ways to sell your home is taking great pictures but if you don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself you should hire someone to take the pictures for you. Some of the best places to find photographers is at local community colleges or graphic designer schools in your area.

    If you want to take pictures of your home yourself you should invest in a new digital camera from your local store. You can expect to spend at least $150 or less for a decent digital camera but the investment is worth it especially if the pictures from your camera help you to sell your home quickly

    Once you have taken at least five good pictures of each room you should download them to your computer and spend time editing each picture before you upload them to the real estate website where you will be listing your home.

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