Importance of fixing repairs before selling

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a homeowner in Orange County, or anywhere else in California, before you decide to sell your home you should get your home ready for sale by cleaning it thoroughly on the inside and out and staging each room in your home. But most important of all, you should fix any part of your home that is needing repair or will need to be repaired in the future.

    Why Making Home Repairs Now Is Important

    The top reason why making repairs to your home is important now is money. Any home buyer, who is looking for Real Estate deals, can have their home inspector add up all of the areas of your home that are needing repair and then base their low offer to you on the report from their inspector since your home needs a lot of repairs, or will soon.

    What Repairs Should You Make To Your Home?

    Instead of losing money on the sale of your home you should start making repairs to your home now.

    You can save money on making the following repairs yourself, or hire someone to make repairs for you affordably:

    • Repair Entry Doors – You should repair, replace and re-paint entry doors that are in bad shape and in need overhaul. If you have entry doors that are in good shape you can make them look newer by simply adding new hardware.

    • Fix Your Roof – If you have a roof that has missing or broken shingles, and a gutter system that’s breaking down or falling apart, you should make the necessary repairs yourself or hire a professional roofer to help you.

    • Patch Up Walls – Everyone has walls with holes in them from years of hanging pictures and or shelves but walls with visible holes don’t make a good first impression with a home buyer who is looking for a great home to leave their own stamp on it. You can start patching up holes yourself today, by using a tube of white tooth paste or spackle from your local hardware store.

    • Clean up that toilet – Take one Saturday to thoroughly clean your bathroom toilet and then reseal it with caulking. Doing this will help your toilet to look newer and keep your bathroom looking good overall.

    • Take care of those cabinets – Depending on the age of your home you might have some cabinets that look old or have been worn down over the years. If your cabinets are showing their age you should sand and re-stain them or paint them a new, bright color to add some new life to your kitchen.

    Need Advice? Give Us a Call

    If you’re struggling with which repairs to make on your home first, call Fred Sed & Associates today for a free consultation at (949) 272-0125. We’re experts at Real Estate Q & A and can give the best advice on which repairs to make on your home first so you can get it fixed and sold.

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