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    I’m Selling My Orange County Home. Why No Offers?

    One common question that top Orange County Realtors hear at least a few times per year is “how come my home isn’t getting any offers?” .

    In today’s post we’ll cover the top reasons why homes don’t get offers after they’ve been listed and what can be done to fix this nagging problem.


    The first reason why your home is not getting any offers may be because it’s priced too high. Many home buyers think that just because there is a demand for homes now they can price their home above its current market value and that’s not always a smart decision.

    A typical home buyer in today’s Real Estate market is tech savvy and able to research a home’s value in just minutes, so you could be missing out on dozens of potential home buyers who are walking away from your home right after they researched its value. To see if your home is priced to high you should have your Realtor do a comparable market analysis of other homes in your neighborhood that have sold recently. After doing a CMA, you should then consider working with your Realtor to change the price on your home immediately by pricing it at market value or slightly below.


    Another reason why your home may not be getting any offers is because nobody can find your home. Marketing is critical in today’s fast moving Real Estate Market and your home should be listed online and offline so that a potential home buyer in your area can find your listing no matter which form of media they are using. A savvy marketer will know which types of buyers your home is most likely to appeal to and target that demographic.


    Sometimes location can be a major reason why your home may have not gotten any offers yet. Most home buyers are searching for homes that are close to schools, hospitals, recreational venues and other amenities, so if your home isn’t conveniently located, your Realtor may have to focus on the positive aspects of your home to attract the right buyers. For example: “This home has plenty of space for a growing family, big back yard and plenty of garage space for someone who loves DIY projects”.

    For more tips on what to do if your home hasn’t gotten any offers, or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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