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    I’m Looking To List My Orange County Home. What Do I Need Yo Do?

    I’m looking to list my home, what do I need to do? First off, you’re making a smart choice, selling your home now is a great decision especially since there’s a “hunger” for homes in Orange County right now.

    As a homeowner you can possibly expect competition for your home from multiple homebuyers, here’s what you need to do to get your home ready for sale.

    Treat Your Home Like A “Product”

    The first step to getting a home ready for sale is to treat it like a product that needs to be sold and this includes:

    • Removing personal touches from the home.
    • Getting the home cleaned up inside and out.
    • Painting walls neutral colors, removing old carpeting and making renovations that will increase a homes value.

    Hire A Listing Agent

    Once the home or “product” is ready to sell, you must find a top Realtor for the desired area who has verifiable experience to help sell your home.

    The Realtor should have references and be ready to present the homeowner with a plan of action for selling the home that includes: local marketing, online marketing and plans to show the home.

    Find Out What The Home Is Worth

    This step is really the job of the Realtor. They will find out what homes have sold for recently and do a comparative analysis to find out what other homes have sold for recently in the same area and then come up with a competitive price to sell the home for.

    Be Ready To Disassociate Yourself From The Home

    Another critical step to selling your home is to disassociate yourself from your home and be ready to accept critiques of the home from your Realtor or from potential homebuyers.

    Sometimes it might be hard for you as a homeowner to do this, especially if you’ve been living in your home for a long time, but it’s critical to disassociate yourself from your personal feelings for the home a bit because, it will enable you to do what needs to be done to sell the home quickly and move onto your next home.

    To learn more about what you need to do to sell your home or to view the latest Orange County homes for sale, contact Fred Sed & Associates today by calling us at (949) 272-0125.

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